Why a Part-Time CFO

In today’s challenging business environment, complex accounting and financial situations can distract senior management from its core business. Poor profitability often follows when financial and accounting issues strain the organization.

A Part-Time CFO for Long Term Success

Organizations faced with these challenges can now access higher level talent without the ongoing costs of an experienced, full-time CFO. The ongoing cost of a part-time CFO can be as low as 1/8th that of a full-time CFO.

Valuable Insight, Improved Financial Controls

Small companies need strong financial management every bit as much as large companies. The problem is justifying the high salary and benefits of an experienced CFO. Additionally, the smaller company probably does not have a daily need for this higher level of expertise.

Small businesses can gain valuable insight & organizational control by partnering with an experienced finance professional on a part-time basis.  Michigan CFO Services, Inc. takes the time to understand your business and provide this insight in a cost-effective manner.

Contracting a CFO for Real Value

Let us add real value to your organization by:

  • Providing dependable strategic leadership
  • Adding credibility through experience and objectivity
  • Providing a fresh perspective on data/systems/controls/efficiency/industry norms
  • Acting as a sounding board for senior management in the decision making process