CFO “GAP Analysis” Service & Report

The CFO "GAP Analysis" is an evaluation of your company against best practices in 58 different categories. This analysis will identify any significant GAPS that could be dangerous to the ongoing success of your business. When completed, you will receive a written report detailing what we looked at, what we found (a red/yellow/green rating for each item), and any areas of concern along with recommended solutions. It’s a great integrity check that provides you with a practical assessment of financial strengths and weaknesses in your company, from the perspective of a CFO. You will find the exercise beneficial even if you're not a candidate for our CFO services.

Price also includes a findings review meeting at our office.

Important note: Due to ongoing client engagements, we only perform 2 "GAP Analysis" services per month. The analysis' are performed in the order that payments are received. If we receive your payment and have a 2 or more month backlog, we'll contact you with the option of staying in que, or receiving a full refund.

Price: $497.00