What We Do

Beyond Compliance Accounting

Michigan CFO Associates, Inc. provides your company with a focus on Managerial Accounting issues. This approach provides critical financial information to internal decision makers for effective and informed decisions.

  • Management Accounting focuses on effectively managing the business, every day of the year
  • Compliance Accounting, by comparison, focuses on GAAP and/or tax compliance, generally once-a-year events

Our comprehensive CFO services will move you beyond a compliance accounting perspective and, instead develop, analyze and interpret financial statements that help you manage and grow your business.

Financial Reporting and Analysis

Financial Statements

  • Statement usefulness assessment/creation
  • Periodic review of financial statements and business issues
  • Training/understanding financial statements

Management Accounting

  • Identification of critical business metrics and report development; creation of “Dashboard” items
  • Profitability Analysis (by customer/part/product family/service type)
  • Assessment of Costing system
  • Assessment of Fixed Overhead levels – what is appropriate?
  • Assessment of Quoting practices/margins
  • Budgeting, Accountability and Incentive plans
  • Forecast/Projection Model creation

Accounting Practices

  • Identification of weak accounting practices
  • Improvment of reporting/system efficiency/data gathering with better source data and automated spreadsheet tools
  • Train existing staff in controls, checks and balances
  • Management of existing financial staff

Cash and Banking

  • Review and/or establish cash management systems
  • Develop detailed cash projections
  • Create bank financing packages and assist in bank negotiations

Project Based Services

  • “Quick Review” of day-to-day Financial Systems, Processes, Accuracy and Efficiency
  • Interim CFO/Controller
  • Business Wind Down Assistance